How to get a Bachelor’s Degree in just 12 months

Bachelor’s degree is the cornerstone of every budding student’s career. If we look at a standard time span, bachelor’s degree program is crafted for duration of four years. This is done while considering everything in mind—intellect of students, curriculum, size of class etc. Considering today’s blistering scenario where world moves at unreal speed, things have changed.

Students try their level best to obtain their bachelor’s pride as soon as possible. Well, there are tonnes of reasons to do it—students save money on college, they have a totally legit degree in their hands in lesser time and if they do it right, and they can get be graduates with a 1 year degree (just 12 months online) which is as good as complete degree.

Why does a Bachelor’s Degree take 4 years?

If you have a kin or a friend who is elder to you and has been through college to obtain a bachelor’s degree, you should be a little bit aware of it (well, at least the vacation dates). A bachelor’s degree runs through the course of four years because students need time to build a sturdy foundation of knowledge.

Be it semester breaks, internship breaks or research for dissertation projects, all these things are presented to students along with allotted deadlines that must be met. However, anyone can agree that college studies run real slow and if we had a way to do it fast, we’d pounce on it.

Bachelor’s degree program consists of timely lectures, synchronized classes and well-deserved semester breaks. The colleges look to provide much-required practical experience by offering students opportunities to grow. Be it on the job experience, spells of internships and McDonald’s students’ employee program.

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But there is a shortcut approach with which students can give their careers a flying start. They looked for a method by which they could score credits ASAP to make it through college earlier than given span. To put an end to this problem, authorities started looking for ways that can help these overachievers. And when the concerned authorities got down to it, numerous ways to complete bachelor’s degree in a short time span were born.

Grab that Bachelor’s Degree in a jiffy

There are some tricky ways that can help you obtain a bachelor’s degree in lesser time than the usual. All you got to do is fix up that schedule of yours, juggle some things and your career can get off to a flying start. Here are some legit ways which can help you score your Bachelor’s degree as early as possible. Read away!

Accelerated Online Degree

When it comes to fast-track completion of Bachelor’s Degree, an accelerated online course can get it done in a matter of weeks. An accelerated bachelor’s degree teaches you everything there is to learn in four years in lesser time. An accelerated degree can get over in a matter of eight to ten weeks and it is online.

This means you have to brace yourself for a real tight schedule— even though accelerated programs have ‘online luxury’ attached to their names, but covering a course made for a four-year span in a matter of few weeks makes it hectic. If you are planning to take your 1 year degree to the end, remember that you have to stay dedicated.

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Credit for Experience

We are well aware of the fact that it takes some credit hours to make it through college and get a degree. But wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to convert our practical experience of life in legit credit hours? It’s possible! When it comes to completing your bachelor’s degree in one year, your experience credit will be of great help.

If you are wondering what actually counts as credit for experience, let us clear it out for you. You would be awarded experience credits for something productive that you did before joining college for a bachelor’s degree. The list is endless, but we’ll highlight some of the experience credit points so that you have an idea what it’s really about:

  • On-the-Job Training
  • EMT
  • Military Trainee
  • Trainee in any niche approved by American Council of Education
  • Police/ Law Enforcement Trainee
  • Military Trainee
  • Chartered Financial Consultant
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Private Pilot license holder
  • Certified Public Accountant

These are just a few of many examples that can earn life experience credit. This would grant you much-needed credit hours that would reduce the duration of your Bachelor’s Degree. If you feel you’ve got life experience for something that isn’t on the list, enquire about it.

Exams granting Credit Hours

There are numerous examinations and test modules that grant credit hours on successful completion. Many prevailing examinations like CLEP, DSST and Excelsior are all in favor of granting extra credit hours to students in exchange of passing exams. You can get detailed information about all these exams that offer 1 year degree in this link.

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Dual Degree Programs

If you opt to go for a dual degree program, you can hit two birds with one stone. For a start, your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree are clubbed into one single course (hence the name ‘dual degree’). So now, you would be able to go through with both UG and PG courses in a lesser time span.

This strategy can save you one year without stretching any limits. If you are in for testing yourself you can try clubbing it with life experience credits or take up exams that grant you additional credits. This can help you skyrocket your career to new heights in a lesser time and save money in the process.

Final Word

Yes, it is possible for students to get a Bachelor’s Degree in less than 12 months. You have to stay focused, determined, and slick. You’ll get there and you’ll be having a career advantage from Bachelor’s degree which carries forward throughout your career. Good Luck with your adventure!