How To Excel In Academics During A Pandemic

Every parent wants their child to be great in academics, but the last two years have been hard on our kids. With isolation and lockdowns, virtual classrooms have not been an easy transition. Is your child schooling during the pandemic? Make their journey into education smooth sailing with these practical tips.

  • Attend all your online classes: One of the primary reasons we see so many students struggling with academics today is not being fully present during online courses. The schools and teachers have been trying their level best to augment the curriculum to provide excellent value to students in a virtual setting. However, parents must make sure that their children attend each class with the seriousness of a physical classroom. This means cutting off external distractions, following a schedule, and turning on parental control on gadgets used to attend such classes. It will also help if the parents sit with the child in the same room as theirs to help supervise.
  • Get extra help for studies: Even with schools partially opening up, students are expected to have trouble going back to their old state of mind before the pandemic. If your child seems to be struggling post lessons, you can get them an online tutor or spend some time tutoring them for essay and assignment help. Whichever way you choose, make sure that the person tutoring has the necessary knowledge to invoke curiosity and help students find their way back into academic excellence.
  • Put in personal research and practice: Study and lectures become less effective when no time is invested into personal practice and revision. Encourage your child to create their notes and revise what has been covered in class daily. This helps them strengthen their memory and core concepts and apply these in examinations and practical situations. Note-making can be interesting, thanks to cool stationery or fun learning processes backed by a supportive reward system.
  • Participate in classroom activities: Children have been impacted the worst of all during the pandemic; since they are younglings and need to socialize to learn about their lives, isolation can significantly inhibit them from effectively making meaningful connections. In such a situation, helping your child participate in classroom activities and group tasks will help fill the void of socialism. One of the few ways to do this is to help them make and retain friendships, group study, play online games and pursue other bonding activities.
  • Communicate and clarify with the teachers: Communication with the educators can look intimidating across a screen, stopping your child from clarifying their doubts due to fear of embarrassment. Motivate them to interact with the teacher more so that the teacher can help them navigate through the trials of pandemic schooling.

Wrapping Up:

We are still a few years away from the pandemic altogether ending, which is why as parents, we should be doing our best to help our younglings get accustomed to the new normal. We hope that with these tips, you will be able to see a positive difference in their academic performance with these tips!


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