How To Compose A Short Essay About Smoking

Your teacher has assigned your class the task of creating a very short essay about smoking and because you have been working hard to improve your grades, you want to give this academic paper your best try. It is not always easy writing meaningfully when the academic paper is a short one but it is still something that can be done.

After all, if you have your way with words, you can say much with just a few words. Therefore, in order to make the most of writing this short paper, here are useful tips to help you out. They are as follows:

Brainstorm For Topic Ideas

Smoking alone is a broad topic, which leaves you with lots of possibilities when it comes to topic ideas. You can choose to write on the dangers of smoking, why people resort to smoking, how to quit smoking and lots of other interesting topics. In the company of your reading buddies, classmates and friends, you can easily come up with great topics for your essay about smoking.

Carry Out Researches

With your topic chosen, the next step is researching for data on the chosen topic. While you can gather enough data on the internet, you should also check out your library for academic papers written in the past by other students. This would give you an idea of not just the topics you should or should not write on but also give you a clue as to the format and structure of your paper.

Create An Outline

This step is very important if you wish to stay on course with the topic of your academic paper and at the same time, make sense to your readers. If for example, you are writing on the dangers of smoking, your outline should include the introduction, the sentence topics and conclusion. It is a sort of sequential arrangement of your paper.

Write Your First Draft

Based on your outline, the next step is transforming the gathered data into informative pieces of information. Make sure that each paragraph transitions seamlessly into the next one. Since it is a short essay, make a good choice of words and always go straight to the point.

Revise And Submit

After the first draft of your paper is written, the next step is to carefully revise the written content. Make additions where necessary and cut off phrases and sentences that are not necessary. Overall, make sure that the format and structure are according to your teacher’s specifications.

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