How is Digital Teaching Approach Making Statements Globally?

By the time the pandemic has hit all of us, the global education system has accelerated and became dependent on the internet entirely. It has witnessed a massive growth of 900% all over the world. However, the origin and sudden love for digital education was a new concept for most of us but the good part is we all have accepted it wholeheartedly.

So far the statistics suggest that the educational systems and markets of countries like – China, Thailand, the Philippines, and India are experiencing tremendous growth, which has increased by 30% from the past years. This has been recorded as a new milestone in the history of global education system. The experts suggest that this industry is expected to grow exponentially between 2020 to 2025 at the rate of 200% for sure.

According to the stats from 2020, the mobile e-learning industry has seen an unexpected growth of $38 billion. Plus, virtual and augmented reality has turned out to be some significant elements of virtual classes, making it larger than life for the students and teachers to commence online classes.

The digital era of education –

A pandemic may have been destructive for the entire world and may have negatively impacted many individuals and industries so far. Still, when walking about the education sector, things have been progressive and effective.

Here are some factors giving you better insights into online education and how it can leave a productive impact on the future of the education system.

It’s class from home – It is one of the most appealing benefits of being a part of the online classes. One can commence online classes online from anywhere, anytime. This means you can be in your regular pajamas and attend your important classes without stepping outside your room. All you need is to have an active internet connection, some reliable study material to consider, a notebook to take the notes, and you are all set to start the class. This has given many people the comfort they have been searching for a lifetime.

Instant reviewing – The culture of online learning has helped teachers to have one-on-one words with their students whenever they need to feel like. Moreover, it is pretty easy for the notorious minds to wander here and there during the lectures. But that’s not the case with online classes at all. As per a psychologist from the University of California, Jonathan Schooler studied students’ behavior during the online classes and found that students lose their focus towards study at least five times in a class of 45 minutes.

This makes it difficult for the teacher to pay heed to every student during the class. At the same time, the story is different in online classes. Teachers are better able to evaluate and monitor their students during the class. Moreover, they tend to provide a quick review of the class performance. This has helped to improve the productivity of online classes to a considerable extent.

The practical world has become a reality – Do you remember those school days when your teacher used to explain a maths or science lesson via diagrams? However, the diagrams used to depict the entire concept but at the same time, getting into the details was hard for students. Luckily, things have changed in the current time scenario. Nowadays, students can relate to 3D animations or digital diagrams, which are much more effective and clear for the students to understand. Some many online classes and teachers represent the concept through videos or GIFs to help students effectively.

The recording features – Traditional classes do not give you the liberty of recording the entire session and reopen it whenever required. But that’s not the case with online courses. Here, you can surf record the entire online class and re-evaluate it whenever you feel like it. Many platforms like Zoom offer intuitive features to record, pause and rewind video or audio calls. This can be counted as one of the biggest leverages of online classes for everyone associated with the educational system.

Group discussions and conversations – Online lectures and discussions requiring group meet-ups are after impossible things in pandemic times. But why rely on the traditional methods when you have the online platforms offering you the ability to connect with more than 100 people at one time. Yes, online video conferencing and calling apps like Zoom provide such features. However, such group calls last for 45 minutes, but the same can be connected again.

Availability of the instructor or teacher – A student has a better connection to associate with the teacher anytime. Instructors or teachers have become more flexible with their timings to cater to students’ queries and doubts. This has given students the liberty to come up with their doubts anytime they feel like. With this, the overall educational system has become more flexible and crystal clear. This has made students forget the hassle of contacting their teachers after lectures, which used to be a massive challenge for them.

No contact – What is the biggest concern of the present time? Being in physical contact with the other person. And that’s what online education waves off. Plus, many students experience a lack of confidence when in the classroom. It has helped students overcome confidence-related issues to a considerable extent.

Online education and learning have become a source of earning and living for millions of people out there. Moreover, it is the only positive thing that has helped people remain optimistic about the pandemic that has survived so far. With this, people are still making some improvements to let people see an improved phase of e-learning in the forthcoming months and years.

The final words –

In the past few years, the educational industry has seen a consistent and ever-growing improvement. It has shown some fantastic results in the education sector on a global scale. With online learning and classes, monitoring the educational environment has become more accessible and practical. All you need to do is make it a part of your life, learn to make the most out of it, and get started.


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