Have You Heard Of Six Sigma? Know The Benefits It Gives To Your Company

Six sigma is the most popular methodology that permits organizations to utilize the data to eradicate issues in the process. To achieve Six Sigma for a process, it’s mandatory that it should not produce defects. The main aim is to reduce the issues to 3.4 per one million opportunities.

It works with the utilization of 2 sub methodologies i.e DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control and it is utilized for current processes, and DMADV is utilized for fresh processes and it is Define, Measure, Analyse, Design and Verify.

A number of advantages and benefits are there when you execute Six Sigma in your business. Nonetheless, we have jotted down some key benefits that every company will have from this methodology.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

The most significant factor that determines the success of the organization is the customers. A loyal customer is the one that maintains the success and boosts the company to do better for their customers. But only with a high level of customer satisfaction a company can retain them.

As per the recent survey, it has been noticed that mainly customers don’t return to the business because they experience dissatisfaction with the services or they find employees’ attitudes not appropriate. Most companies don’t even know that they have dissatisfied customers as they only care to take the business somewhere else.

Thus, with the execution of Six Sigma, the risk of your organization reduces the risk of dissatisfied customers. To achieve this you need to run a survey that will help the organization to understand which product is satisfying customers and which one is critical.

Time Management

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At your organization employing this methodology can assist employees to manage their time efficiently, leading to more productive employees and more efficient business processes. Set the SMART goals and then use the data principles of this methodology to achieve those goals. This is done by evaluating the 3 key areas – performance, fulfillment, and learning.

For example, during the learning process, a practitioner of this methodology may ask themselves, how frequently any interruptions have diverted their concentration from work, and how many of these were requiring the attention?

In the same way, they may examine how they are reaching their professional goals through their practices. In Six Sigma, the user can build an action plan that will result in 30% more effective employees who are happy with their work and achieve an enhanced work-life.

The training of Six Sigma doesn’t involve one phase, your employees can get trained in different levels. The rankings like a white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, master black belt, and champion are created so that you can build skills that will help in the smooth functioning of the company. The experts who have opted for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training have shared their experience that it has helped a lot in the projects that they were working on and achieved the deadlines with satisfaction.

Decreased Cycle Time

Unfortunately, it has been noticed that most of the projects end up extending the deadline due to the change in the management policy or modifications in the projects.

With the use of this methodology, the organizations can set up an experienced team of employees within the company from all departments. Now this team will analyze the factors that can negatively hamper the project and let it run to a longer time cycle.

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They will then find out the best solution to eradicate the problems that can delay the project. This will help in reducing the cycle times and will allow the company to complete the project at the scheduled time. Many companies who have used it have reported experiencing a 35% reduction in the cycle times.

Employee Motivation

If the organizations wish to succeed then, they need to act in the right way with the employees. This means that a motivated employee will become the pillar of success for the company. It has been noticed that companies who strongly and completely engage with their employees have an increased productivity rate i.s up to 25-50 percent.

With the help of Six Sigma’s problem-solving techniques, employee development is guaranteed and this leads to building a system for employee motivation.

Strategic Planning

In any strategic vision, this methodology can play a vital role. Once the organization has built a mission statement and accomplished a SWOT analysis then the methodology can help in finding out the improvement area.

For example: if your organization wishes to become a cost leader in the market., then the methodology can enhance the internal procedures, eradicate unnecessary complexity, increase yields and keep a minimum cost supplier agreement. It’s a fact that no matter what your company aims for, Six Sigma will help you in improving and enhancing whatever you do.

Supply Chain Management

As we have already shared that this methodology reduces the defect rate and the suppliers have the main force on meeting the target. One of the most efficient ways to minimize the rate of defects is by utilizing Six Sigma and minimize the number of suppliers your company has, this will definitely reduce the defect risk. Hence, lowering down the suppliers can actually make the process more productive and will reduce the errors. Rightly said by someone that If Something is Managed By Many, Things Are Missed, so make sure you follow this.

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Final Words

The implementation of the Six Sigma methodology will not only improve the business process but will also make it easy to accomplish the task on time. There are plenty of rankings in this methodology, so when you are thinking of training your employees make sure you have the right consultant to help you with it. Do research a lot as there are plenty of consultants who are offering this training, but you need to keep an eye and evaluate the experience, certifications, and number of companies they have offered the services. Then only take a decision to go with the one that satisfies you and will definitely help in the training process.