Discover What Kind of Boss You Are For Your Franchise Brand?

It is often stated that people don’t quit their jobs; they leave their bosses. In our perspective, you don’t just take a job; you agree to work with the person who will manage you, develop you, and help you progress your career. How many companies have you applied for a job that seemed ideal at the time, only to reconsider after meeting with the possible boss? Maybe you didn’t click right away, or you weren’t sure your working styles would mesh well. It’s completely normal to refuse or accept a job based on how you feel about the individual you’ll be working with every day.

It is certain that those who worked for a long period are likely to have met various types of employers. And the more you worked, the more you came across the varied management techniques. The franchise manager, the OCD boss, the shoulder-wrencher, etc., for example, is the boss of the attitude. Bodies, which experience different degrees of success with their companies, utilise all these strategies and a number of others. More likely, you have formed opinions on every type of ‘ruling.’ You liked them and disdained them. Moreover, this gives you a better idea of how individuals react to different management approaches. As a productive boss of the education franchise, you should also find out what kind of boss you are.

We have highlighted some of the questions in this specific blog to assist you to figure out what type of boss you are? And what type of supervisor are your employees looking for?

  • Essential values 
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We highly advise you to take a pen and paper and write down the five values that are most important to you. The values that can easily define your personality. Are you a person who values truthfulness, perseverance, professionalism, happiness at work, social networks, and meeting deadlines? The answer is practically endless, but whatever it is, take the time to consider who is willing to sacrifice and who is not. Then, during the interview, ask the following question to see how many of your lists match. Do you really think that only your team can manage the business and take it to the next level? No right! As a whole sole coaching institute franchise, it’s your true responsibility to work out of your comfort zone to make informed decisions. 

  • Candidates demands

Do you seek a boss that supports your ego and helps you, or do you want a mentor that guides you on your journey? Please ponder this for some time; for your next job, it will be essential. Become a source of tension if you are searching for equal partnership instead of a mentor and if you wind up with a leader who is determined to grow you in areas you are not thrilled about. You will need to find out what kind of leader you need right now to make your next step spectacular. However, check out the candidate’s demands as this can help the owner to find out what they are looking for? A supportive boss can surely help the employees work wonders for the company.  Your education franchise will surely require you to become a magnificent boss for your working staff. 

  •  Know your traits 
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One of the best places to look at these management styles is within your own organisation. We would highly advise you to take a step back from the scenario as much as feasible to see how higher tiers fared. What character traits did they have? Do you behave like the overbearing boss? Or was it anything spoken to a child? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Personality types may not be the only indicator of your management style, but they may provide you with a lot of information. 

After that, see how your coworkers react to you. Alternatively, if you’re still in the planning stages, ask for help from those on the outside such as former workers, attorneys, accountants, and so forth. Are they respectful to you? Do they appear uncomfortable or irritated? Keep an eye on their nonverbal communication and conduct to get a better idea of your own leadership qualities. This will certainly assist you to become a wonderful boss in the next future as a top coaching  franchise.

  • Ask yourself some questions 

Most importantly, raising questions about your performance can surely help you understand your personality better.  You may also think about your points of accomplishment: are you making money? Is your company expanding? Do you have an opening date in mind and are you on track to meet your objectives? Do your friends and relatives react positively or enthusiastically? What are their cautionary words? Finally, if everything else fails, simply inquire. “Hey, how are you doing?” ask a reliable source, preferably many of them. We are truly sure that this can help you lead better in the coming future. 

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Take productive step 

After you have gathered all the essential proofs, it is time for everything to be cast together, mixed and seen on the other side of what is coming out. No one is flawless, not even bosses, so don’t be disheartened when you dock a few points. Take the compliments and criticisms for their value and for their improvement. This will also generate a comprehensive picture of your management style not only a single viewpoint or criticism but mass facts and thoughts. When you start a franchise, it may truly be a crucial step in your trip if you go beyond the notion of “bossing.”

Wrapping up 

Read all the above-mentioned points as this will help you find out what type of boss you are. We truly hope this blog can help you find out your weak and strong points as a boss.