College Grants for Autistic Students

Last updated on March 4, 2020

With autism affecting more children every day, there are more adjustments being made all the time so that these children can grow up to be functional adults. One of these adjustments is the creation of college grants for autistic students. Today, there are many colleges and organizations that provide grants to autistic students.

To begin with, there’s the Autism Society of America. This is the leading research team when it comes to Autism. They’ve been providing this research since 1965. This organization offers grants to people that have contributed in some way to the Autism community.

There’s also The Schwallie Family Scholarship Program. You must submit an application along with a 1,000 word essay from the diagnosed Autistic student. This Organization for Autism Research, or the OAR, awards three $3,000 scholarships yearly.

The Charlene Wood Memorial Scholarship provides one grant annually for both undergraduate and graduate students. This is offered by the Autism Society of New Hampshire. Those students selected can receive as many as 2 two $500 grants.

There’s also the CVS Pharmacy Charitable Trust. This is a private foundation grant that is only offered to Autistic students. This organization provides $1,000 scholarships for five students. The recipients of this grant can use the money to attend any college or trade school that they choose.

The Autism Treatment Center of America has the Son-Rise Program. This program has assisted many Autistic children worldwide. Many grants are offered through the Son-Rise Program, which is also a treatment program designed to help Autistic students. There are many specific ways that this program helps people that are Autistic. For instance, Autistic students learn how to communicate with others as well as how to build intimate relationships with others. This same program awards many grants through their different Son-Rise Programs located all over the country.

Once you know the names of these different organizations that offer college grants for Autistic students, it’s simple enough to locate websites, phone numbers and other contact information for them. Have your questions ready before you attempt to make contact with any of these organizations and foundations. Most likely, if you have an Autistic child that’s old enough to attend a college, trade school or other further education institution, you’ll be the one calling around to see what grants are being offered for Autistic students. These programs are put in place to help, so don’t hesitate to ask for it.


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