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Below is a general outline of the primary guides we recommend you follow to begin your college and university admission process. Click on specific admission...

Types of Admission

Students have 6 options for college admission: Early Decision: Typically due November 1. Early Action/Early Application: Typically due November 1 – 15. Single Choice...
Student Loans process

Student Loans Process

For most students, education loans are a necessary part of their financial aid package. Families must determine the amount of money to borrow for...
Student Jobs process

Student Jobs Process

Many college freshmen obtain an on-campus job (including Federal Work Study jobs) to earn money to pay college expenses or for extra spending cash....
CSS Application Process

Profile CSS Application Process

The CSS/PROFILE is a lengthy financial aid application very similar to the FAFSA. While the FAFSA is used to award federal government student aid,...
FAFSA Process

FAFSA Process

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is required by virtually all colleges for students to receive need-based financial aid. 1. Obtain a FSA...
volunteer activities in summer

Volunteer Summer Activities Process

Your summer activities should reinforce your student theme and support an overall college application strategy. Summer activities should be interesting for you and ideally...
Scholarship interview Process

Scholarship Interviews Process

Scholarship interviews can be held with college financial aid officers for specific campus-based scholarships or with local scholarship sponsors (such as your local Rotary...
Scholarships Process

Scholarships Process

Begin researching scholarships (if you haven’t already). Learn what scholarships and grants are offered by foundations, clubs, businesses, and organizations and receive e-mail reminders...

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