8 Reasons to try Learning a Foreign Language

The world is a global village where we have become increasingly interconnected and interdependent. That is one reason why being polylingual or bilingual is becoming one valuable skill. Proficiency in more than one language is a skill that makes it easy to have meaningful connections and more opportunities. So, if you are on the fence about learning a new language, you need not be. Here are few reasons that will assure you that learning a new language is worth your time:

Improve connections

As humans, we have evolved to need human connection. The quality of our human experience is dependent on the level of connection with others. The feeling of belonging and purpose is increased when we have a quality human connection. One of the best ways to connect with others profoundly is by communicating with them in their local language. When you know more than one language, you have a broader range of people you can interact with and make connections with. The ability to interact with a wide range of people will help you build numerous personal and professional relationships.

Improve your travel experiences

Travelling is one of the best ways to open up your mind. When you travel, you get to see life from a different perspective. You see the world from a different perspective. The best way to enrich your travel experience is by knowing the local language of a place you are visiting. You can revolutionize your experience abroad when you know the local language.

You are more likely to get outside the bubble of touristy spots and connect with the people. Your travel experience will be way better when you can interact with people in the area. You are also able to appreciate their culture more. Navigation in a foreign place is also more comfortable when you can communicate in the local language.

Open up a new world of entertainment

Have you ever taken the time to imagine the vast amount of knowledge that you may be skipping out on just because it is in another language? You could argue that it can be translated to the language you understand. What you need to realize is, a lot is lost in translation. Works of art like poetry and movies and are also better experienced in the original language. A lot of meaning is lost when shows, movies, and books are translated.

Even with the best translators, nothing beats experiencing these works of art in the language that they were created in. The same applies to consuming news media from other parts of the world. To access news and perspectives of different areas of the world, you are better off with a second or even a third language.

Boost your memory!

Studies suggest that learning another language could improve the functionality of your brain. What better reason to enroll in an English summer school if not this? You become sharper the more you challenge your brain to recognize and communicate in a foreign language. Bilinguals usually have better memories and are quicker when switching between different tasks. Maybe, just maybe, the best way to boost your brainpower is by constantly exercising it. Learning a foreign language is a good exercise for your brain.

Get more job opportunities

As the world gets more globalized, more companies are extending their businesses overseas. It means that they are usually on the lookout for skilled people who can speak the local language. If two equally skillful people go looking for an employment opportunity, the one with bilingual abilities is more likely to land the job. Also, when you are hunting for employment opportunities, you have a broader area to consider when you know more than one language.

Study abroad

When you speak in another language, it is easier to earn a degree in another country. Well, getting an education could be significantly expensive in your area. The problem is the college of your dreams could be in another country that speaks a different language. In this regard, learning the language could be the key to accessing a less expensive college education or get you in the school of your dreams. The better you understand the language, the easier it will be to learn in another country.

Improve decision making

One University of Chicago study found that decision-making is far much easier for multilingual people. The study found that decision-making is a valuable skill that makes it simpler to navigate through life. Practicing the rules and vocabularies that go with foreign languages challenges the brain. This, in turn, improves the brain’s abilities. Language also shapes the way we think and organize our thoughts. Learning a foreign language helps us to think more analytically.

Learn even more languages

It is easier to learn a third language after learning the second one! Learning a second language will get you on the path to multilingualism. It is no secret that bilinguals have an easier time learning a third language. It could be because being bilingual gives you a better aptitude for languages.

The thing is, most languages reinforce each other. Learning a new language provides the necessary tools for strengthening morphological and phonological skills. These skills provide the essential base when learning other languages. Applying the skills you get from learning one language to another makes the learning process easier. Gaining command on a third or fourth tongue will be more manageable after starting with the second language.

Final Remarks

One of the best uses for your spare time is learning a new skill. It is great to learn something new every day. Seeing that we live in a multilingual world, learning a new language gives you an unfair advantage. You have increased chances of landing new job opportunities and advancing your career. You are also able to get an insight into different cultures. Travel becomes more fulfilling when you can communicate as you explore different ways of living. The language barrier is a contributing factor to the lack of integration into other cultures and communities. Deciding to learn another language opens up the opportunity to be a part of a larger community and makes it easier to learn about the world around us.


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