7 PDF Tricks that will Boost Your Productivity

The Portable Document Format popularly known as PDF is among the most used files formats today for transactions, legal processes, and office work etc. It is a document format that is loved for its ability to preserve a document’s formatting. You can share your PDF files and trust that will retain its original appearance, regardless of the device used to open it. But, what would you do when you receive any pdf file, and you need to make some changes like corrections, remove some pages, or merge it with another pdf? To answer that, here are a few PDF tricks you ought to learn, to help boost your productivity.

Editing PDFs

Have you ever received a PDF file that requires editing but do not know how to go about it? Long ago, the only way you would edit a PDF file is by retyping it or printing it first, whiting out the undesired parts, annotating it, and rescanning the document. This would take a considerable amount of time but luckily, tech has evolved making it easier for you! Now, there are several PDF tools that allow you to make changes to pictures and texts on PDF. You only need to open your PDF file with the right PDF tool, make the necessary changes, save the document and you are good to go!

Tip: Keep in mind that any PDF editing software can alter the formatting of your document. Before sending or uploading your edited document, make sure it is in the preferred state.

Merging PDFs

You could have a business presentation and require to combine PDF spreadsheets, images, or email attachments into one comprehensive document. Now, you could choose to copy-paste all your documents into one sheet then edit them, but this method is time-consuming. Instead, you can use a PDF tool to help you merge your PDF files. A good PDF software will help you convert your desired software into a single document and with additional features, you can make your document even more presentable.

Converting a PDF into an image

Sharing an image in a PDF file can be problematic, especially if you send it to a recipient with no software that can support a PDF file. If for example you use a PDF image in your webpage, the website visitors might require to have an add-on that supports PDF files on their browser. All this is time-consuming and inconveniencing and thus could deter a lot of people from viewing your site. You can avoid such problems by converting your PDF files into image formats like TIFF, PNG, or JPG images. For example, you can convert PDF to JPG on Mac or any device quite easily. Again, you just have to find the right PDF tool that has the ability to help you convert your files to image formats without breaking a sweat.

Removing some pages on Pdf

Do you have a large PDF document that you require to send or read, but only specific pages are necessary? Well, you can make your document less cumbersome by deleting pages that you do not need. Some tools allow you to remove pages from PDFs. If you are using a Mac device, Preview, an inbuilt tool, comes in handy to remove any page. Go to Preview and open your PDF file. Display the sidebar by pressing on Command-Shift-D simultaneously. Choose the page that you want to remove, then click on Command and delete simultaneously to remove the page. Moreover, if you delete a page accidentally, you can use recovery tools to get it back. By remaining with the necessary pages, it becomes easier and fast to go through the PDF document.

Signing a Pdf

Business transactions, financial, and legal paperwork are some of the online processes which could require signing. Now, signing a PDF where you have to print a PDF, sign, and then rescan it is outmoded. Why go through such a daunting experience which not only is time-consuming but also wastes resources? Tools such as Preview for Mac are excellent in signing PDF documents electronically. Open the PDF that you require to sign on review; click on the Markup icon and then the Signature icon. Click on Create Signature, draw your signature on the trackpad, click any key when you finish drawing your signature, and then click on Done. Insert the signature into the PDF document by clicking on it. Then, move it to your desired position by dragging it. You can also resize it as in any other image.

Splitting a PDF file

You may want to split a PDF file into pieces or a few pages if you require a specific document section. For example, you could have a PDF file with photos but only need to send one image at a time. Several tools save time by splitting your PDF file into pages without you having to copy-paste the images and then edit them.

Highlighting, underlining, and crossing text on PDF

Would you want to highlight a specific section of your PDF file? Well, there are tools with which you can add customizable texts, boxes, shapes, images, or underline a text for visual reference. Moreover, if you want to erase a text on your PDF because it is sensitive or irrelevant, there are tools that you can use to cross out the text.

Tip: The highlighting, underlining, and crossing out tools have the same functionality as those on the PDF editing tools, only that their access is much easier.

Final Remarks

It is almost inevitable that you will come across a PDF file as it has become one of the most used file formats around. In some cases, you will have to do more than opening and using the file. Well, you do not have to go through the hassle of wondering how to edit, convert, sign, merge, split, or highlight a PDF file, etc. There are a lot of good tools that have been devised to do all that work and thus saving on time and cost.


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