7 High-Paying Jobs That Will Turn Every Day of Your Life Into an Adventure

Not all of us like being in a confined office working in a 9 to 5 shift every day. Some of us want to be outdoors, which is not a bad thing to wish for, since we all know, in the long run sitting on a chair can be harmful to our health.

So what can you do for a living if you can’t or don’t want to work in an office and want to bask in the glory of nature all day long? Let’s find out. Here are n career choices that you can make and will also be going to pay you well. Without further ado, let’s get started:

Landscape Architect

Simply put, landscape architects plan and supervise the design and construction of wide-open spaces. They might also work as members of multidisciplinary teams, “for instance ecologists, planners, and engineers, on projects such as ” designing residential areas and parks, building wetlands to treat polluted runoff from any previous industrial sites. With Landscape Architect Jobs, you may have to work closely with builders in an open area. If you are working with the government, NGOs, or a construction company, you’ll have the opportunity to work in an office and outside at the construction site.

To pursue a career in this field, you’ll need at least an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture or a similar area like architecture, environmental design, or environmental planning. And you can expect your salary to range anywhere between $20,800 to $103,000 per annum. The pay may vary depending on your location and experience.

Wildlife Biologist

As the name suggests, a wildlife biologist conserves and preserves the wildlife populations of your city, state, or country. They study these populations and determine the factors that affect them and the ecosystem they live in, like nutrition, disease, habitat relationships, environmental change, population dynamics, and other land-use decisions. A wildlife biologist may have to work in a field, offices, or laboratories and work for various employers such as environmentalists, government officials, engineering consultants, zoos, research institutes, or universities.

The job will need an undergraduate degree or better if higher in a program like zoology, wildlife biology, or conservation biology. And it pays you well between $33,000 to $78,500 per annum.

Related careers include marine biology, ornithology, wetland biology, zoology, and entomology.


The study of the earth’s natural environment is known as geography, and a geographer is a scholar in that particular area. A geographer may also work in a field, in an office, or even in a lab for employers such as the government, educational or research institutes, computer mapping companies, cartography labs, or even museums.

It’s best if you have earned an undergraduate degree in the areas such as environmental science, geography, or environmental planning. The yearly salary may range from $35,000 to $80,000 per annum, making it one of the most lucrative outdoor career options out there.

Construction Manager

The main job of a construction manager is to oversee the construction projects to which they are assigned, including “planning and coordinating of construction workers on a construction site, hiring and managing workers, overseeing project design, monitoring supplies and choosing contractors.” Their other duties include:

  • Preparing estimates and planning budgets.
  • Reporting progress to clients.
  • Following all the legal requirements.

So, suppose you want to pursue your career as a construction manager. In that case, you’ll need to secure a bachelor’s degree in a field such as civil engineering or building science, and it’s always essential to have work experience. Depending on your experience and education, your annual salary may vary from $42,000 to $125,000 every year.


This could be the most obscure job title you’ll find on this list. Oceanographers “apply chemical, biological, geological and physical principles to the study of the ocean world.” An oceanographer works mainly in the field, but sometimes also in a lab or an office, a marine transport company, a harbor authority, and a port.

To pursue a career in this field, you’ll need a graduate degree in areas like ocean biology, marine biology, or aquatic biology. Depending on your skill and education, the salary may range from $44,000 to $78,000 per annum.

Adventure Guide

This one might be one of the most exciting job titles on the list. They take their clients to water rafting, hunting, fishing, heli-skiing, mountain climbing, caving, or base jumping. If you want to pursue this career, you can work for an adventure tour company, a national park, a resort, or even start your own touring business.

According to Discover Tourism, a few things you’ll require as an adventure guide are fitness, knowledge of the terrain, skill to survive in the wilderness, or a license in whatever sport you are offering your clients, CPR, first aid, social communication skills. It can pay you anywhere from $50 to $150 or $40,000 to $60,000 if you are an experienced guide(also depending on the location you’ll offer to your clients). Not the highest-paying jobs out there, but if you are someone who seeks adventure and wants to make a living out of it, this job is for you.

Tree Planter

If you are looking for a temporary gig or a summer job, a tree planting job is perfect for you. A tree planting job includes planting seedlings in areas that need reforesting. Your employer can vary from government to private tree planting jobs. Most of the time, they stay in camps and get paid accordingly. While this is not a high-paying job on the list, a tree planter can always earn some extra cash without any time restriction.

Moreover, neither your skill nor education can stop you from earning money. So, if you are looking for something temporary that gives you a chance to work outdoors and pays you simultaneously, a tree planter’s job is something you can look into.

In Conclusion

If your dream is to enjoy the outdoors while you earn money, there are many ways you can make this dream come true. The options mentioned above will help you find the most suitable career options available for you. Make sure you go through the complete list and find your dream job.


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