5 Tips And Elements For Writing A Great Resume

If you are looking for a dream job, having a great resume is vital. After all, this is what makes the first impression on the recruiters and hiring managers. You cannot expect to get a call from them unless they find your resume impactful. So what elements should a perfect resume have to get you the attention as a prospective candidate? Is there any formula to write one that clicks instantly? Here are the key tips and elements that you must know to maximize your chances of landing the best opportunities with a great resume.

A summary of your skills and experience

A summary of your skills and experience is the first thing that a recruiter wants to see. Include everything about your qualifications, certifications, skills, and achievements. Mention your work experience with relevant dates and names of the organizations. Don’t forget to list your soft skills because this matters a lot. Keep things concise and don’t say too much about your achievements. Focus on relevant and genuine facts when you list the information.

Complete and update contact information

Another element that you must have in your resume is complete and updated contact information. The recruiter would want to connect with you once they shortlist you. This is possible only if your resume has the latest contact details in it. Including your phone number and email address is mandatory. You can also share your physical address. You can add your social profiles as well. This is a good idea the recruiters can use them to cross-check the information.

A well-organized format

While the content of the resume matters, its format is equally important. A well-organized format increases the chances of being read until the end, considering that recruiters are pressed for time. Follow Resume Formats Guide to understand the professional fonts, placement of elements, layout, and spacing that work. Ensuring readability on paper, computer and mobile devices are the keys. You can experiment with color and design to make the resume attractive. But do keep it professional!

Relevant keywords

Just having an impressive resume is not enough. Your resume should also appear in recruiter searches. This is possible only if you include the relevant keywords in it. Think of the keywords that match your job profile. Also, figure out the ones that the recruiters are most likely to search with. These could relate to the profile, description or skills. Try to use them more than once within the resume’s content.

The right tone and spelling

Beyond the right content, make sure that you use the right tone in your resume. It should be professional, polite yet assertive. You should sound confident but not arrogant. Also, proofread the entire document thoroughly to make sure that there are no spelling errors. A complete check for grammatical mistakes is also essential.

A perfect resume has a far-reaching impact on the chances of getting the best opportunities. So you should make sure that you write one that gets you the attention of the recruiters. Including the aforementioned elements is the key to writing an excellent resume.


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