5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Spoken English

English is one of the most popular languages spoken in every part of the world. That’s the reason why everyone is attracted to learn English, even if it is not their first language. Although schools are teaching this language, not everyone is able to speak it due to the lack of English communication. Hence, at a later stage, some of these people face problems while speaking English at their college, office, or with friends.

Many people think a lot before speaking this language with anyone. They try to arrange the words in a proper manner so that they sound correct. Some people even have problems with related words that sound the same or have the same meaning. For such people, https://askanydifference.com is a good source to learn about the differences between related words.

In this article, we have come up with five simple ways in which you can improve your spoken English skills.

  1. Think in English:

You might be thinking a lot more than you speak in your everyday life. That’s where you have to take the first step towards improving your English speaking skills. From now onwards, you have to start thinking in English. Whenever you want to decide about certain topics, try to use English rather than your native language.

This process will help you to rectify the mistakes in your mind. While you think in English, you will realize that some words don’t relate to each other, and then you will try reframing the sentence. This will help you to speak English fluently without getting stuck into translating words from your native language to the English language.

Also, when you speak to anyone in English, you won’t have to keep thinking about what words you should use. This is because, after frequent English thinking, your mind will be set with the right words and sentences. Thus, you will speak fluently without getting stuck with your thoughts.

  1. Read as much as possible:

Reading vigorously will improve your knowledge and vocabulary. Make a habit of reading for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour per day. At this time, take any English book, magazine, or newspaper and read it aloud to yourself. By doing this, you will be able to speak the English language in a better way. You will have a hold over your accent and pronunciation.

You can highlight the sentences that are difficult to read and understand. Divide them into small parts and then try reading them. Another thing is to remember the common phrases or words that are used in everyday life and try to use them while you speak. You will see significant progress in your speaking skills once you start reading thoroughly.

  1. Watch movies with English subtitles:

This trick is used by many people as it shows instant results. You can start watching movies or Youtube videos with English subtitles. Try to speak the subtitles as you see them on the screen. Practice in a way that you have to speak those words and match with the person’s speaking speed. It is acceptable to miss some of the words in between but try to match them as much as possible. Here, you will also learn the right pronunciation of words. This process will make you feel excited about improving your speaking skills and keep you focused all the time.

  1. Listen to English songs:

When you listen to the songs, the lyrics will stick in your mind for a long time. Therefore, whenever you listen to the song, open the lyrics and try to sing it. This will help you remember the words and phrases more easily. Once you are familiar with the lyrics, try to sing the song without the help of lyrics. By doing this, you will be able to observe the improvement in your listening and speaking English skills.

  1. Talk to yourself:

It is often said that your speaking skills improve when you talk with someone. But why wait for someone when you can talk to yourself? You can try talking in English by standing in front of the mirror. Imagine yourself as your best friend or your mom, dad, and try to speak whatever you want. You will realize how you talk to others, how well do you use gestures, and what type of words you are frequently using. This will help you in improving your speaking skills as you can easily find out the flaws by looking in the mirror.


Whenever you start doing all these things, make sure to focus on phrases and not words. If you keep on learning the words, it will take a lot of time to improve your spoken communication skills. Hence, follow these simple steps and learn the sentences and phrases as much as you can.

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