5 proven ways to find freelance translation jobs

Freelancing jobs focuses on your interests and hobbies. Freelancing job benefits you by the freedom to work anytime as per your suitability. Moreover, freedom is essential for today’s generation to survive. Hence proved, that why the graph of freelancing jobs is increasing day by day.

Freelance translation jobs are a challenging task. However, not impossible for you. You are required to review the documents with an internet connection, to start your translation. The translation is based on the client’s requirements, may be in a PDF or in a presentation form.

Freelance translation jobs can be an ideal side job for anyone. Furthermore, who is capable to provide the high-quality work which they deserve.

Moreover, as we are well aware that in this competitive age your permanent job or the routine makes life boring. Isn’t so? Doing, and learning something extra is essential to stay in the race. Henceforth, here Freelance translation jobs come as a godfather for you.

5 Proven ways to find your dream freelance translation job-

As a translator, you are meant to be a writer. I repeat you are a writer in your freelance translation jobs. Build a long term goal in your mind while searching for a freelance translation job. A job is something but your client is everything for you. So, try to build a long-term sustainable relationship with him. Freelance can help you find translating jobs as well as clients. Here, are some ways for that, which are to be noted by you.

In short, here is a list of top 5 proven ways to find freelance translation jobs-

  1. The agency translation client
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Tap into your network
  4. Proz BlueBoard
  5. Email Prospecting

The agency translation client

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A priceless way to start your Freelance translation job. However, with very few formalities. Translation agencies are best for you as they require less business knowledge. Meanwhile, you are ready to start after achieving required translation skills. I recommend you to go for translation agencies if you can craft quality e-mails. Moreover, reaching out to several businesses.

Imagine that if 1 member of the family is dishonest, then you are not supposed to blame on the loyalty of the whole family. Same is the case with the translation agency. Not all the agencies are the same for you. Agency clients are blessed with their pros and cons.


  • Easier to find and solve your queries.
  • Well qualified, and familiar with the translation process
  • Good bargaining power


  • Agency differs in their rules and procedure
  • Payment terms may mislead you

Social media marketing-

No doubt in this that on a worldwide basis, the list of social media lovers is very long, However, it is not considered as a direct way to get freelance translating client’s. Furthermore, social media is taken as an important source to deal with your client’s. Your efforts are of no use without a successful plan. Likewise, Freelance translation jobs are worthless without an effective strategy of social media marketing to impress or invite your clients.  Hence proved, that social media marketing is an essential way to find a freelance translation job for you.

Tap into your network-

By Freelance translation jobs you are making yourself available for the society, and not only for your family, and friends. Moreover, ask your network in the online world that you are looking for Freelance translation jobs. Don’t be shy in asking for help.

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Remember the proverb that ‘Rome was not built in a day’. So, I suggest not showing attitude or shyness in taking small Freelance translations jobs, as a fresher. You are not supposed to predict yourself as a millionaire only after getting a single project.

Knock it (your first project) out of the park, and I bet that you will see a long queue of projects waiting for you after some time.

Proz BlueBoard-

The job board of Proz has changed over the years. Moreover, it is not as attractive now, as it once was. For Freelance translation jobs, it has translators bid. The winner will be based on the cheapest bid by the translator. However, some translators are against this bidding. As per them, the system is a hurdle to earn a viable income. The system is yours but it hurts the feeling and budget of translators.

I agree with their views. Furthermore, personally, I wish to try it once. Forget about the loss for a moment, on the other hand, it will also provide an opportunity to work. I think it means a lot, Agreed? Risks are part of the game, but if they are capable to provide Freelance translation jobs then I think that you have to go for it. Money is something, but the client’s relationship, your profession, and experience are everything to shape your career.

Email Prospecting-

For today’s generation Email is the most popular platform for conversation. Basically, it is used for formal style conversations. For Freelance translation jobs sending cold emails to your clients can play a game-changing role for you. As you know that your first impression is the last. So to find a freelance translation job make sure than you suit well for them. Moreover, the decision was taken in a hurry always goes in a vain. So, I suggest making it sure from the other side also (that they suit best for you).

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Writing a mail is not the sign of an impressive conversation. If you have written an impersonal email by attaching your CV, whose matter is hard to understand and relate to the topic. Congratulations you have successfully wasted your time. As we discussed earlier that your first impression can define you for Freelance translation jobs. Moreover, by here you were rejected as you highlighted your worst writing skills in this mail.

The ratio of Freelance translation jobs is rapidly increasing day by day. Freelance translation jobs are now taken as a long term option by all. Let’s go over some additional proven ways to find freelance translation jobs for you.

  • Networking
  • Cold Pitching
  • Your own websites

So, here our brief discussions on 5 proven ways to find Freelance translation jobs come to an end. Wishing you good luck with your future endeavors.