10 Steps to Writing a High School Research Paper

Got stuck with your high-school research paper writing? We are here to help you out. Take a closer look at practical tips from writing experts and get started!

Start as Early as Possible

You have to give yourself plenty of time to deal with each step of the research paper writing process. The most suitable time to start with a high-school research paper is 3-4 weeks in advance. This way you won’t feel stressed and will be able to submit your assignment before the submission date.

Read Instructions Attentively

We can’t even start telling you how many students got really bad marks just not reading instructions and guidelines carefully. Don’t think that if you’ve read 3-5 sets of requirements before, you can just skip reading new ones. You will divide your work into steps, and you need to divide your instructions accordingly, so before you start the next step, you read the underlined part of requirements once again.

Make Notes

Reading instructions, listening to your professor, looking for sources, reading sources, checking on textbooks — make notes, and make sure those notes are in one place. The better organized your notes are, the easier it will be for you to deal with them later. If you find a potentially interesting source, copy it to your notes immediately, don’t trust your memory or your browser’s history. If you are sure you will use a particular source, don’t only note it, but use a citation generator to make an in-text citation and bibliography entry.

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is fun, but not easy. It is not a simple task just to start writing down any ideas. First of all, you should remember that no one will see your draft with ideas. Be bold, be creative, be stupid – do whatever it takes to come up with better ideas. It is easier to choose from many than to get stuck with one or two ideas.

Do Research

Of course, you are not in college or university, you are not supposed to spend a week on this research, but still, you are supposed to pay enough attention to it. Doing research is not that difficult if you follow the simplest rules. First of all, you should determine some “tags” based on which you will do research. Later, make a list of sources and study them thoroughly. For example, avoid using Google search, pay attention to Google Scholar instead.

Create an Outline

Writing an outline is a must, and it is better if you write two outlines for your research paper — one for you and one for your professor, to be included in a paper. It is not a rare occasion that students start writing without even the simplest outline, and they fail, because they can’t estimate the amount of time needed to finish the assignment. Of course, you will write a final outline for your professor to check when you are done with primary research, but it is better if you have a brief and raw version for yourself before you start putting everything together.

Create a Thesis/Problem Statement

It is the heart of your paper, and you should be very careful when writing it. You know that a final thesis statement should take no more than 1-2 sentences, but you are not supposed to write them this way from the very beginning. Write as many sentences as you need to express your ideas, to elaborate on the dilemma, problematic. Later, read the result of your brainstorm and cut it meticulously until it is not 5-6 sentences. Get rid of any descriptive words and sentences, and you will get a stellar, up-to-the-point thesis statement for your high-school research paper.

Write Your High-School Research Paper

Sorry, can’t add anything here. You just sit and write it. We strongly recommend using some time tracking and social media blocking apps to boost your productivity. If you are too busy for writing an academic paper for high school, you can easily pay someone to have your research paper written fast in a strict accordance with your details.

Proofread It Thoroughly

Even the most well-thought-out research paper can fail if you don’t proofread it thoroughly. You have to make checks on many levels. First, you proofread it manually, one abstract after another. Later you use some online grammar checkers. And later you read each paragraph aloud to detect too long sentences and awkward phrases.

Deal with Formatting

You should allocate enough time to complete formatting at its finest. Use citation generators and latest MLA/APA manuals to avoid technical omission and put all in-text citations and bibliography entries intact.

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